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A unique restaurant in Mallorca
Where tradition meets innovation
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Famous specialty No. 23
delicious grilled skirt steak
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In privileged surroundings
Génova. Palma de Mallorca
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Unique savors in an iconic place
a menu to satisfy all tastes
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Unforgettable atmosphere
Discover our terraces

An icon in Mallorca

Restaurant with personal style and unforgettable atmosphere represented by the famous “Number 23” specialty which meets tradition with innovation.


A leading restaurant and a classic on the island, with a highly varied menu and signature creations.


The atmosphere created by our decoration and the beauty of the interior of the restaurant transport us in time, as does the star dish, presented with a grill and vegetables and candles. We are also proud to be able to boast of our excellent service and attention to customers.

La Rueda has two beautiful terraces, one of them with views of the mountain, as well as a selection of Spanish and imported wines.